Copy a portals website using Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps

When working with Dynamics 365 Portals, there is sometimes the need to run multiple portals of the same type out of the same organization (e.g. multiple community portals). This can be a challenge to setup because the provisioning process in the Dynamics 365 portal add-on only allows the data for a given portal to be imported once.

The Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps PowerShell module contains a little known function which helps to work around this limitation by facilitating the modification of a Configuration Migration Tool data file so that it can be imported into an organization while avoiding conflicting with any existing data already in the organization.

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Configuration Migration Tool Schema File Preparation using Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps

The Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps module includes several features that assist in the data management of Dynamics 365 projects. The features during export are the execution of schema file transformation rules, and unpacking exported data sets so that each record is stored in a single XML file. This blog post will cover the schema file transformation feature.

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Soft launch of Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps

Earlier today I published a new PowerShell module, Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps, to GitHub and the PowerShell Gallery. This has been in the works for quite a long time, and was finally done today out of necessity and convenience to release a new version. Until today, it’s only been used internally and by a select few clients on projects we’ve delivered. By releasing this module as an open source project and publishing it on the PowerShell gallery, we’re hoping it will be useful to others as well.

Fully articulating and documenting this PowerShell module is going to be a much larger undertaking than I can forsee myself having a large block of time to do, so I’m going to start out small and begin by describing some of the motivations and goals behind it.

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