Dynamics 365 Alan

Unexpected privilege error when linking knowledge article to case

My team recently encountered an error in Dynamics 365, and I thought it would be interesting to share the solution. Thanks to Microsoft support for providing an explanation. We had created a custom security role with restricted privileges that could not create knowledge articles, and a user assigned to this security role would get an […]

PowerApps Checker Alan

Convert PowerApps Checker SARIF files to Excel using Power Query

The PowerApps Checker Powershell module introduces the ability to script the validation of solution files to analyze them for following best practices. This is an improvement over the Solution Checker which involves submitting solutions for validation through a web interface. One significant difference between the two tools is the Solution Checker makes the output available […]

WordPress Alan

Useful WordPress Plugins

I’ve been using WordPress for my personal blogging for just over a year now, and over this time period have found and installed a collection of plugins to customize WordPress to my liking. This post describes the plugins I’ve installed to get my blog working just right.

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How to work, 6 years ago

I wrote these personal notes almost 6 years ago in a document I’d titled How to work at Adxstudio. At the time, I had left Adxstudio and was working at CGI, and while away from the company and having had enough time to get some perspective, I was able to reach a deeply introspective mindset […]