Welcome to my personal blog. Before reading any further, note that all content on this blog should be regarded as being my own personal opinion and not a reflection of anyone else I am associated with or my employer.

This blog is mainly my small place on the internet to share my knowledge, and these days that’s limited to when I think I have something new or insightful to add to the vast amount of knowledge already available elsewhere. This means I don’t share a lot, but when I do, it’ll probably be something that hasn’t been discussed anywhere else before.

Here are some other places I have an online presence:


I use Twitter to post a new tweet when I find something interesting online to share or have written a new blog post to inform others about.


I use LinkedIn as an online resume. I don’t share any content on LinkedIn, nor do I connect with people I don’t know. If you want to contact me directly this is the best place to send me a message.


I use GitHub to maintain a couple open source projects, primarily xRM Portals Community Edition and Adoxio.Dynamics.DevOps.