Blog posts I’ve lost to the ethers of time

The web is an ephemeral medium, if you’re not careful. Throughout my career, I’ve written blog posts for the company I’ve worked for. Over time, those websites or their content have been removed, and before their removal I copied the posts to my personal blog to keep a record of what I’d written.

But alas, I missed two blog posts I wrote in 2014 working at Adxstudio and can’t find a copy of them. They were, admittedly, not very high quality content, and from what I can tell they were removed from the site within a few months by someone who must have thought they weren’t good enough to stay published!

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Useful WordPress Plugins

I’ve been using WordPress for my personal blogging for just over a year now, and over this time period have found and installed a collection of plugins to customize WordPress to my liking. This post describes the plugins I’ve installed to get my blog working just right.

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