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Build 2014 session videos

Microsoft held its annual developer-focused Build conference on April 2 – 4, and thankfully all of the sessions were recorded and are available for viewing on their own Channel 9 events page. There are a lot of sessions to watch and learn from (185 to be exact) on a diverse set of topics. I’ve watched a few videos already – it’s […]

Office 365 Alan

Office 365 custom domains

With the transition of Dynamics CRM Online organizations to the new administrative portal and billing platform, you’ll be assigned an Office 365 account that comes with a domain name in the form of <name> This blog post will walk through how to add your own domain to your Office 365 account so that you can use […]

CRM Online Alan

Handling CRM Online micro-outages in a web portal

CRM Online sometimes has temporary outages, and if it weren’t for applications that repeatedly connect to CRM using its web services, one may not even know they occur. This situation unfortunately recently occurred for one of our clients, and they asked us to look into the problem.

Adxstudio Portals Alan

Changing the processor on an Authorize.Net payment gateway

Authorize.Net is one of several payment gateways that Adxstudio Portals offers built-in support for in its e-commerce functionality. Authorize.Net in turn supports several processors that will submit transactions to the credit card networks. Changing the processor associated with your Authorize.Net payment gateway account will require the submission of a request through their eTicket system.