How much text can a note hold?

I was recently working on a project where the question arose about how much text can a note hold. The need was for a user to be able to type in text, or copy-paste large amounts of text from another source such as an email. I didn’t have an offhand answer to this question and looked into finding out.

To find the answer, I opened the Note entity in the default solution and selected the “notetext” field. The field is defined as a multi-line text field that can store up to 100,000 characters.


With that number, I then wanted to quantify how much information this really is. To do this, I entered in 100,000 characters into a word document, and it filled up almost 28.5 pages. To put this into perspective, here’s a graphical representation of 28.5 pages:


Given all this, I think notes should suffice for most situations where text needs to be stored and it’s being typed in or copy-pasted from another source.

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