New CRM Portals Content and Support Information from Microsoft

As can be expected from Microsoft, having now officially launched CRM Portals for Dynamics CRM Online, they’ve published new documentation and support materials. Here are some of the notable new materials which we’ve seen so far.


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup & Administration page has a whole section on CRM Portals for Dynamics CRM Online, covering the gamut from performing an installation to managing all the features and implementing new ones. The table of contents are a good starting point to get access to all the information. Some of the previous blog posts we’ve written and future planned ones cover similar information.


The Microsoft Support site has released 2 articles for the various versions of Adxstudio Portals and the new Microsoft CRM Portals.

The first article covers how to obtain support for the various versions of Adxstudio Portals and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portals. In summary, Microsoft is providing support to CRM Portals (version 8.x and above) via existing CRM Online support contracts, whereas Microsoft is providing support for earlier versions of Adxstudio Portals through their pay-per-incident process.

Of particular importance is that Adxstudio Portals is now only considered supported when using versions between 7.0.0018 and 7.0.0022 – all older versions from 7.0.0017 and down are unsupported and must be upgraded to a higher version to be supported. While we have always been accustomed to having to upgrade to newer versions to get bug fixes, it is now particularly important to upgrade if you want to obtain support from Microsoft.

The second article which ties into the first covers how to identify the version of portals your site is using. This is important to know during upgrades to take the appropriate steps, and will be important to know when wanting to obtain support to go through the correct support channel as mentioned in the first article. The methods to view the version number have changed over time and this article shows multiple methods for determining the version that you are using.

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