How to work, 6 years ago

I wrote these personal notes almost 6 years ago in a document I’d titled How to work at Adxstudio. At the time, I had left Adxstudio and was working at CGI, and while away from the company and having had enough time to get some perspective, I was able to reach a deeply introspective mindset and started considering going to work at Adxstudio again. To help myself with the decision making process, I put into words what I thought was the best way to be an effective employee at Adxstudio based on my experience having worked on the services team that implemented projects for clients for 8.5 years, and the different experiences I was having working as a consultant at CGI.

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Build 2014 session videos

Microsoft held its annual developer-focused Build conference on April 2 – 4, and thankfully all of the sessions were recorded and are available for viewing on their own Channel 9 events page. There are a lot of sessions to watch and learn from (185 to be exact) on a diverse set of topics. I’ve watched a few videos already – it’s impressive, and almost overwhelming, to see and understand how much Microsoft has done in the last year.

So far I’ve watched 2 videos. In the Day 2 Keynote session, an impressive number of new Windows Azure features were announced. In The Future of C# session, it started out by explaining the benefits of the new Roslyn compiler, and showed how developers will be able to hook into the compilation process using Roslyn’s APIs to perform custom code transformations in Visual Studio, and then they showed some upcoming and proposed extensions to the C# language.

These videos are going to keep me busy for quite a while, thank-you Microsoft for sharing them for everyone to watch!